Mirror (Part-1)

You and I – Miles apart,
Generations apart,
Have lived through the same life.
A life of contentment,
A world of shattering clouds,
A mind so chaotic,
And a heart so purely divine.
Time is the barrier,
And it has been a boon, too.
I’m reliving moments of your life in mine.
What are we??
A double pearl from the same oyster,
Dived too deep to shine like us now.
But detached widely because,
of the rubble which is beneath.
This someday will eat us alive,
And still we will hold nothing against it.
We are exactly what we want to be,
And beautifully what we shouldn’t be.


The Struggle of Contemplation

A mirage when gone close,
Redundant during the process.
Time and again, recuperating chill.
This life has been a lethal kill.

I wake up one morning,
With a snow filled clarity.
And the same night,
battle sleep with unsettling chaos.

Running to and fro,
To a long-lost friend.
A save in return,
Never makes the trend.

Back in a blink,
With a crystal so clear.
The water shimmers,
Head out to witness.

Sunshine or Moonlight,
It never settles.
It never answers.
Left to contemplate!


Pain has to be beautiful.
No second thoughts there.
How can music be so soothing,
when you are depicting pain in it.
It’s a wonder how it bleeds,
Yet, oozes out love.

Perhaps, it’s destined to suffer
To shine and prosper.
It is ironic to love,

and weep at the same time.
It is a curse and blessing,
to feel pain and write about it.

Years pass but the pain endures
Silently, at the corner of the eye.
A crinkle, just like that
A smile, out of nowhere.
A sense of belonging in the desert,
And a resentment in the crowd.

2 minutes…

Bustling roads and honking vehicles,
Sitting in the car, windows rolled up.
I hardly heard the clutter outside
But, I surely felt the weight.

Last night, a mere phone call
turned my world upside down.
I am not in your world,
So, the damage remains limited to me.

Hours pass by the bright screen,
Hovering over your name often.
Senses prevail for a moment
And, I’m back with a draft to the client.

Summer breeze makes the leaves rustle,
The setting sun glittering on my charcoal hair.
My handheld makes through to your lips,
And my heart becomes a prisoner hearing you.

With soft voices colliding the waves to make sense,
I heard you hurry up at the other end.
Battling out for time,
All I heard you say last, was ‘’2 minutes’’!!

The Wait!!

This heart of mine is all dead,
It doesn’t flutter any longer at your sight.
Long ago, a simple thought of you,
Would rise the flow of blood within.
And today, a mere thought of you
Just gives a feeling of being numb.
With passing time and changing seasons,
I’m trying to withstand my love for you.
Hoping that someday underneath the full moon sky,
you will come like a breeze and hold my hand once again.
This time never leaving me to stale,
and holding firmly, you’ll finally say-
“The chaos in me wants to rest in you for life.”
That day my years of hope will be marked as one of the greatest bravery,
mankind could ever face for the sake of LOVE!!

Sketch in the air

I saw you last evening –

Dark green shirt folded till the elbow,
Your favorite beanie cap on the head.
Makes you look the most irresistible guy on the planet.
That rough stubble on your smooth chubby cheeks.
And the perfectly aligned teeth topped with an innocent smile which makes me kiss you right there, biting those burger bun lips.
I know how much you love those plump lips of yours,
And tease me saying how people crave for it.
A black jeans to dapper your look and the smart band on your left wrist.
Looking at you, I wonder how can a fish be so adoring like you flawlessly to an extent where people love you to the core.
And I, on the other hand – topple my entire life over you.

The mesmerizing look of yours,
As intense like a hot burning fire.
It lights up the energy in my heart,
So much in a spree –
That I just run around the entire planet
By merely sitting on the ground.
Riding your baby on the highway with the cool breeze hitting your face.
Reminiscing the old moments and by-gone time with me.
Wondering, how I am the only person with whom you find it difficult to communicate.

The way you hum a tune and sing a song feeling it.
You are my portable Arijit,
Where love is an epitome in you.
The sparkle in your eyes over a tiny detail lights you up like a 1000 colorful firework.
The child in you that I admire,
The man you have grown to be that I cherish.

Oh! How much I love you by just recollecting memories and sketching a play on the void air.

The One!

Up in the sky on a dusky evening,
I kept searching you constantly.
Until, I got your glimpse
Clumsy in appearance, filled with smog.
I kept staring at you for a while
And then, heaved a sigh of relief.
I could never pen the contentment I get,
After I see you- every single time.

I whispered to myself-
Where were you so long?
And how did you appear out of nowhere.
But, then as usual I have never complained
Your late coming
Until it’s homecoming.
What else do I need?


How cruel you are to still hold that laughter while talking to me.
Can’t you see the pain it causes me brutally?
How charmingly you try to play me even today and make me think that everything is my fault.
It breaks my heart at times, to even think that I still pray for us to get back.
I feel ashamed to have bared my body and soul to you.
You have ruthlessly killed me and keep stomping on it like an EDM beat.
I feel crushed to bits, sucking for air.
And you enjoy with pride in your eyes seeing me trance in pain.
I never thought I’ll write this for you-
Love meant healing for me,
Until your laughter echoed my room making me feel worthless for all the love I ever gave you.
Perhaps, I’m entitled to re-write the facts.
I pray that some day you’ll gasp for breath like I do for all these years.
You will die a painful death seeing somebody close to you suffer.
That’s my Redemption- to see the love of my life burn to ashes.
That’s the Love- I wish I never had at the very first place.

Broken Saga

You and I talk – till the lights dim,

You and I walk – till the sun dawns,

You and I sing – till the birds chirp,

You and I drink – till we fall asleep.

You and I talk

Like there is no tomorrow.

Like there is a magnitude of echoes.

An irony so true for me,

A symphony – so dull.

I wonder how surreal it would have been,

If it were for the first time.

But, here we are compensating

For the bygone moments.

It rips my heart,

to not be so true.

It damages my soul,

for the suffocation it brews.

Together, we could have written millions of harmony.

But, life has other plans for us.

A plank – so narrow and so broken,

Better to be soon forgotten.

Such is our adoring intoxication story!!

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